Adequate & Well Equipped Laboratories

The department possesses sufficient computer laboratories systems which are used throughout the year to cater to undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Computer Engineering. The laboratories are equipped with sufficient hardware and licensed software to run Program specific curriculum and off-program curriculum. Each lab operates on a specific schedule which is dictated by the corresponding time table of the specific semester/branch. On a general note, each laboratory course consists of two sessions (each duration three/four periods) every week. Each laboratory can accommodate a batch of 18/24 students. Laboratory sessions are conducted to ensure the attainment of laboratory outcomes which in turn contribute to the program outcomes. In total we are having five computer labs, each having minimum strength of 18 & maximum strength of 24, with a total System Strength of more than 80 Systems. The student-computer ratio is 1:1. One Teaching faculty is in-charge of the overall functioning/maintenance of each lab. Computer Engineering department has established Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and IOT labs with the collaboration with e-yantra lab setup initiative programme of IIT Bombay.

List of laboratory subjects performed in the labs.

  • Algorithm Lab.
  • Object Oriented Programming Lab
  • Mobile Application Development Lab.v
  • Unix and Linux Programming Lab.
  • Data Base Mgt System Lab.
  • Internet Tech Mgt / Essential of Information Tech Lab.
  • Project Labs.
  • Data Structure Lab.
  • Software Verification Validation / SE Lab.
  • Artificial Intelligence Lab.
  • Data Science Lab.