Electronics & Communication Engineering

This department offers four years degree program in Electronics and Comm. Engg. This department has fully equipped labs with state of the art equipments. All laboratories are equipped with advanced equipments. Electronics Workshop has facilities sufficient to fabricate and assemble PCBs.


Dr. Preet Kaur
Designation:   Assistant Professor
Qualification:   Ph.D, M.Tech, B.Tech
Contact:   7011273393
Email:   preetmoar@gmail.com
Address:   #461, sector 2, Kurukshetra
Area Of Interest:   Antenna design and communication
Dr. Sunil Kumar Dahiya
Designation:   Assistant Professor
Qualification:   Ph.D. , M.Tech, B.Tech
Contact:   9466559922
Email:   dahiyasunilk@rediffmail.com
Area Of Interest:   Digital Electronics,Optical Communication,Digital Communication
Sh. Sahil Gupta
Designation:   GUEST FACULTY
Qualification:   M.Tech, B.Tech
Contact:   9467040824
Email:   sahil.btech.ece@gmail.com
Address:   Kurukshetra
Area Of Interest:   Digital Electronics/Communication
Sh Shiv Kumar
Designation:   GUEST FACULTY
Qualification:   Pursuing Ph.D, M.E, B.Tech
Contact:   9729629786
Email:   skg105@gmail.com
Address:   Nilokheri, Karnal
Area Of Interest:   Wireless Sensor Networks/ Communication Systems